Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Monsters Roaming the World

So after settling into my new place, I finally started working on a new art project.  I wanted to get back into more creative illustration, and I decided to go with the idea of giant monsters roaming the world.  I think it came from a mixture of my extreme case of wanderlust lately, and the fact that I watched Pacific Rim a couple days ago.  Anyway, here are the first couple of sketches I've made!  Any requests for cities?
initial sketches of "Monster in Paris"
Monster in Paris, France
Monster in Moscow, Russia
my workspace

And in the spirit of illustration, here are a few illustrators I love:
Character from the exhibit "The Late Great Nobody," by Ahmed Sidky
Rework of Toulouse Lautrec's piece Salon at the Rue des Moulins, by Benjamin Evenett (Ben Phe)
Brock Hofer
Illustration from "The Animal Kingdom," by Charley Harper
Time of Flower, by Eunjung Shin
Piece from the series Mestre Fungo (or Fungus Master), by Henrique Lima
Laurene Boglio
Illustration from the series Within the Woods, by Riccardo Zima

Ahmed Sidky
Benjamin Evenett (Ben Phe)
Brock Hofer
Charley Harper
Eunjung Shin
Henrique Lima
Laurene Boglio
Riccardo Zima

Paris Sketches - Feuilles, Notre Dame et Cartes

Here is my last and long overdue edition of "Paris Sketches."  I came back to Florida on January 4th and my trip to Paris already feels like it happened years ago.  Looking back through these drawings is very nostalgic (can you feel nostalgic about something that only ended a month ago?), and makes me want to go back even more.  So as I wrap up my first time in Paris with these drawings I say goodbye with fond memories, and hopefully this won't be the last of my "Paris Sketches."
tracing the details of a leaf and an unexpected creature under the camera lucida
detail of a leaf/creature using different pen and ink tools
sketch of a leaf using color pencil
reference photo - Cath├ędrale Notre Dame
sketch of Cath├ędrale Notre Dame
Christmas card pour mon chou
A thank you card I made for the illustrators I worked with (done in color pencil)