Monday, May 26, 2014

Monsters Roaming the World (Part3)

Whoaaa, this might be my all-time longest hiatus from updating this thing.  Okay, not might be - it is.  Since my last post, I've added four more final pieces to my "Monsters Roaming the World" series: Moscow, Toledo, Reyjkavik, and Ha Long Bay.
Monster in Moscow, Russia (with color) - pen and ink, and color pencil
Monster in Toledo, Spain (with color) - pen and ink, and color pencil
Monster in Reyjkavik, Iceland (with color) - pen and ink, and color pencil
Monster in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam (with color) - pen and ink, and color pencil

And all pieces are up for sale on my Redbubble and Society6 accounts!

I think I'll be taking a break from these monsters for a bit and moving into some different media in the future - namely charcoal and watercolor.  While I've liked exploring the world of color pencil, my heart still belongs to charcoal, and it's been far too long since I've used it.  I had almost forgetten how amazing black and white pieces can be until I stumbled upon Robert Longo's artwork the other day:
Untitled (10/15/08) by Robert Longo - charcoal on mounting paper
Untitled (Big Shark) by Robert Longo - charcoal on mounting paper
Untitled (Shark 4) by Robert Longo - charcoal on mounting paper

SO. GORGEOUS.  I could look at these for hours, even though they make my stomach turn.

One charcoal project I have in mind is doing a series of dog portraits (a little less menacing than great white sharks) like this one I made of my pup Maddy a couple years ago:
Maddy - charcoal pencil

So if anyone out there would like a sketch like this of their beloved pup, let me know!

While I'm really excited to get back into charcoal, watercolor is going to be a little more challenging because I've never used it before..  But I am determined to teach myself after stumbling across another artist, Sha'an d'Anthes, aka Furry Little Peach.  Her watercolors are so simple and beautiful, and I hope I can be at least half as talented as she is with this media!  

I couldn't find a head-on picture of this last one, but it's my favorite.

She is also on Tumblr and Instagram for anyone who wants to follow/support her artwork!