Monday, January 23, 2017

Nature Photos - Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge

So I was looking through my draft posts on here, and I completely forgot about my "Nature Photos" project I said I would do last year :p  I have lived in Vero Beach/Sebastian, FL for 16 years, and still haven't seen every nature preserve (I am a terrible local...), so I set up a personal challenge to visit as many as possible and practice photography along the way.  Now that my Canon DSLR is finally fixed, I have even more incentive to do it!

Again, here is my list of spots to hit (if you guys know any other places not on this list, let me know):

  • Causeways (any)
  • Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge
  • Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area
  • Captain Forester's Hammock Preserve
  • Lagoon Greenway
  • St. Sebastian Preserve State Park
  • Indian River Aquatic Reserve
  • Leroy Wright Recreation Area
  • Ft. Drum Marsh Conservation Area
  • Savana's Preserve State Park
  • IRC Waste Water Management Wetlands

My first post for this challenge (almost 1 year ago, good lord!!!!!) was about the Wabasso Causeway, a beautiful nook along the Indian River Lagoon at the base of the bridge.  And for my second installment, I walked the trails of the historic Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge.  This island residing in the IRL is distinguished as our nation's VERY FIRST national refuge, established in 1903!  It has played a huge role in the conservation of Florida wildlife, and also served as a form of heaven on Earth for birders around the world, attracting more than 140 species of birds year round.  If you need any proof that Florida is a nature lover's dream come true, look no further than Pelican Island <3

Here are the photos I took on my first trek through the refuge.  If you have any photos or tales of your experiences here, please share them!  And if you've never been here before, PLEASE GO! :)

(Sony NEX-3)

Spiny Orb Weaver
king of the rock
Fiddler Crab
little bee

(iPhone 6)

Roseate Spoonbill

Little Blue Heron

The next time I visit, I will hopefully be able to snap some nice shots of animals on my Canon, instead of just crappy iPhone pics...