Thursday, February 20, 2014

Monsters Roaming the World (Part2)

In the past couple of weeks, I've made two more outlines for my "Monsters Roaming the World" series - one in Reyjkavik, Iceland, and one in Toledo, Spain.  I am also slowly learning how to make prettier scans of my drawings, as you can see.  Still kind of dusty though..
Monster in Reyjkavik, Iceland
Monster in Toledo, Spain

And just for a little insight into these drawings, I thought I'd explain my process in making them.

1. First, I find one or two good pictures of a city with a popular landmark in it.  If I'm lucky, one photo is good enough and the photographer has done all the annoying composition work for me.  But it's pretty hard to find just one picture that perfectly captures a city, so sometimes I end up stitching multiple pictures together.  I usually find these pictures on random travel blogs I follow (like these 12345), good ol' Tumblr blogs (like these 123456), or a quick search on Flickr or Google.

reference pictures

2. Next, I sketch some monster characters.  I've been putting Pinterest to use for this project by collecting any images that inspire me - basically anything dealing with colossal monsters.  So far I've just grazed through some characters from the movie Pacific Rim and the video game Shadow of the Colossus, but if anyone else has more advanced knowledge on colossal monsters, feel free to send me some new inspiration.

3. After I get my reference pictures, I draw an outline of the city in pencil and adjust the monster character around it.  Then I trace over the whole thing with a small tip Faber-Castell artist pen.
Monster in Moscow, Russia

4. Once my outline is done, I sketch out some ideas for color palettes in my sketch book and/or in Adobe Illustrator. 
Monster in Paris, France - color trial sketches

5. Finally, I use woodless Koh-I-Noor color pencils to add the color, and I'm done!   I'm also thinking about possibly making some digital drawings of these in the future.
Monster in Paris, France (with color) - pen and ink, and color pencil

And one last thing - I finally uploaded some pieces for sale online!  If anyone is interested in buying some prints, or thinking of me every time you look at your phone cover, or just helping me spread my name, please check out my profiles on Redbubble and Society6 :)

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