Monday, October 10, 2022

Nature Journal - May 2022

Well I don't think the turtles liked me having so much free time in April, and they really made me pay this month!!

Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge

        I did get one small break from the turtles this month.  When the tide was too high and I had to wait to do survey, I made a quick trip to the near by wildlife refuge, and I'm so glad I did.  There was a sea of marsh pinks, speckling the entire entrance of the trail with pink and white!  The goldenrod and moonflowers also started blooming this month, and I caught a lil marsh rabbit at the tail end of its breakfast<3

Ancestral land of the Seminole and Ais people.

Beach Surveys

             It's been a crazy crazy season so far, and the greens finally joined the party on May 30th to make it even crazier 😅

All research conducted under FWC permit MTP-22-261 on ancestral land of the Seminole and Ais people.

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